Colours of Jadeite


Green is the most well-known colour in jadeite. Although it actually comes in other attractive colors like lavender, red, and yellow, when given the same texture, size and quality, green is still the most sought after colour and is the most valuable.

Green jadeite has been highly prized and worn by the rich and famous throughout the history of China. One of the earliest and most famous patron has to be the Empress Dowager Cixi of Qing Dynasty. Her love for green jadeite has made it the Imperial Stone and has since played a significant role in the Chinese history. Another well-known icon is Madame Chiang Kai-shek, also known by her maiden name Soong May-ling. She is also a keen collector of remarkable jadeite jewelleries. She stands as a trend setter from the Republican period, famous in pairing stylish qipao with elegant jadeite jewelleries, presenting this oriental gem’s mystifying charm to an international audience.  


Lavender is the next most popular and valuable colour. It is feminine and loved by women of all ages. Lavender jadeite with good texture is very rare, it can worth even more than the green varieties of jadeite.

Icy Jadeite

Icy jadeite has become more popular in the past few years. It is attracted to younger women forits modern and elegant appearance. Jewellery made with icy jadeite are usually suitable for daily wearing. Icy jadeite can range from completely opaque to nearly transparent depending on the texture. The more translucent it is, the more valuable it is. The most common types are “glassy”, “icy” and “glutinous”. Glassy jadeite is the best type, it is as bright and clear as glass. This variety of jade is extremely rare. Icy jadeite is clear but with a fine mist inside, like that of a piece of ice. It does not have the clarity or brilliance of glassy jadeite. Glutinous jadeite is transparent and yet opaque, it gives a feeling of dense sticky rice cakes.


Jadeite in Chinese is called “Fei Cui”, which is borrowed from the name of two birds. The bird referred as Cui is green in colour, while the bird named Fei is red. Red jadeite comes in a wide array of hues including yellow. Although yellow jadeite is not as popular as green and purple ones , yellow jadeite with good quality is very rare and sought-after by connoisseurs. Yellow jadeite also comes in a broad spectrum of shades like lemon, gold, honey, mustard and amber.