Using Jadeite in our Jewellery

Dawn is a brand based in hong Kong and we want to let the world knows about the excellent local craftsmanship here. hong Kong is a free port which thrives on free trade. Its open door policy has enabled it to become one of the world’s largest trading economies and an international financial and commercial centre serving the asia-Pacific region and the Mainland of China. The import and export of jade jewellery has thrived in hong Kong since then. The Canton Road at Tsim Sha Tsui marked by a three tonne jade stone is known as Jade Street. It is an iconic landmark in hong Kong, where over hundreds of jewellery shops are selling jade of different qualities and sizes. Being in the global jadeite trading centre, where we are renowned for the quality, craftsmanship and design, Dawn captured this advantage by using jadeite in our jewellery, a gemstone which is historically valued by people in the East, to promote the fine spirits of hong Kong.

Dawn jewellery shows how modern and western styles can play a part and make a balance in jadeite jewellery. It is also a showcase of Dawn’s craftsmen unique skill at jewellery crafting. Each piece expresses sophistication and elegance with a reflection of Eastern beauty.