Our Elements

Dawn is for those who want unique, elegant and timeless design.
Sticking to our original concept of favouring quality over quantity, we like unique timeless design that lives through generations. Merging traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques and innovative materials, we work hard to create jewellery pieces that look and feel at once classic and modern. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail shown in every jewellery piece and the wide breadth of inspiration that defines our jewellery.


The design philosophy at Dawn is to keep it balanced, harmonious and timeless. Our theme is diverse, and without formulas. Dawn travels through time to look for inspirations. Our continuous sources of inspiration are art, culture and history across the East and the West. We marry Eastern beauty with Western ideas to create high-quality, versatile pieces that tell a story, giving our jewellery a personal and unique touch.


Every piece of jewellery at Dawn is exclusive. We search high and low around the world for the best jewellery masters and the most extraordinary gems. Through our creative designs, every pair of skilled hands and the ultimate choice of materials, our jewelleries become distinctive and each carry a unique message.


Dawn embodies classic elegance and the Eastern culture. We believe in timeless beauty. From the birth of every idea, to the selection of materials and the making of jewellery, the idea of elegance is always present. These hallmarks enable aesthetic perfection to grow into an authentic lifestyle.


Dawn believes in balance. We founded Dawn on this belief and create unique jewellery pieces that are both unique and harmonious. We respect every kind of material used in our jewellery, and find the simplest way to show their intrinsic beauty. Our designs always preserve the original shape of the raw material. We work around it by adding colorful gemstones and matching metals, drawing smooth lines and curves, forming volume and developing the right proportion for the final product.


Dawn follows the noble Eastern crafts-manship that has been continuing for centuries. We combine the skills with exquisite materials carefully handpicked by certified professionals. The handcrafted culture that jewellery connoisseurs appreciate is seen here. Dawn’s jewellery are designed for those who appreciate unique and timeless style.