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Article: Characteristics of different precious metals

Characteristics of different precious metals

Characteristics of different precious metals

The following article describes the different types of precious metals and the characteristics of their use in jewelry.


Platinum often referred to as PT or PT950, 950 means that the metal consists of 95% platinum, and 5% other metals. Platinum is extremely pure and has a densely packed particle size, making it heavy in weight and full of texture. Platinum is a natural white metal that remains white even when worn for a long periods of time. In terms of price, platinum is relatively expensive compared to other metals.

K gold

18K gold is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other metal blends. In general, the higher the composition of pure gold, the higher the price of the metal, and the yellow the color.

18K gold is an ideal wedding ring making material. Compared with soft pure gold, 18K gold is stronger and more durable, suitable for everyday wear. In addition, the 18K gold ring is highly variable in color, it can mix other metals to change its color. Common colors of 18K gold are white, yellow and rose. The alloy of each color contains a mixture of metal for different compositions.

18K white gold

18K white gold consists of 75% gold plus 25% other white metals. The primary color of 18K white gold is grayish white, while the plating process will be added to the manufacturing process, and the craftsman will plate a white metal on the surface to make the surface white. 18K white gold is generally suitable for everyday jewellery, including wedding rings.

18K rose gold

Rose gold is made up of 75% gold and other red color metals. The mixed metal will give the rose gold a different degree of red.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver has a white and grayish color, which is the most common in precious metals, therefore the price is relatively low. Silver is widely used in jewelry making, such as earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and rings, but it is not suitable for everyday wear wedding ring because of its low hardness and easy oxidation, which causes the surface to become dim and dark.


Titanium has the color of gray in silver and is the hardest natural metal in the world. Titanium is more than three times harder than steel, further more harder than other precious metals. It is indeed very light and has strong resistance to oxidation, erosion and impact. Pure titanium is not easy to cause metal sensitivity.

As titanium is very hard and it is difficult to weld, sanded or set with diamonds, if it were used to make a ring, its size cannot be changed, so it is most often used in watches or machinery.

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