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Niessing Jewellery Engineering

Instead of using "craftsmanship" to describe the jewellery art of Niessing from Germany, it is more appropriate to use "engineering" to define their jewellery system. Since its establishment in 1873, the brand’s history of more than 150 years has not become a burden for the team to advance themselves. On the contrary, the R&D team continues the artistic concept of Bauhaus style and combines their aesthetics with an addition of engineering and scientific attitude. Thanks to the continuous efforts by several generations of craftsmen and operators at Niessing, they have created one after another world-famous jewellery collections, which has brought them numerous awards and their status of leading goldsmith brand in the world.

Dawn will host the Niessing Trunk Show for 3 consecutive weeks starting from this weekend. Want to know more about the Engineering System of Niessing Jewellery? Don't miss this exhibition! Enjoy a special rate on all Niessing’s products!