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Hundred Tins in Unison

What is tin? Is aluminium foil a form of tin? Why tea lovers use tin container to store tea leaves? And why sake lovers prefer tin cups?

Dawn and Sunsmith will co-host an exhibition in the name of tin - “Hundred Tins in Unison”, to explore a deeper understanding of tinware. Best summer cultural activity that you can’t miss!

This exhibition consists of 3 main topics, #1 is “Hundred Tinware” - showcasing over 100 pieces of tinware from China, Japan and Europe, to tell the story of tin, its different forms and craftsmanship in 360 degree. #2 is “Hundred Craftsmen Work” - 100 pieces of tin products made by the participants of our tinware workshop last year, build the “Wall of Tinware”, to showcase the achievement of their crafting experience. #3 is “Rise of Sunsmith” - a very limited and exclusive collection of tinware created by Sunsmith will first be introduced to the public, ready to blow your mind!

News about the latest tea workshop will also be announced on-site!

Exhibition details:
Date: Jun 30 - Aug 1
Time: 12nn - 7pm (one session per hour, last session at 6pm)
Format: Guided tour, max. 8 pax per session, register for a free visit (Link in the bio)