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Sunsmith X Hugo Yeung : "Howswares" Workshop

Sunsmith is pleased to announce our collaboration with Hugo Yeung in a two-part workshop “Howswares”!

Hugo Yeung is a home-grown goldsmith, who is known for his geometry-inspired metal work and his teaching in various jewellery programmes in Hong Kong.

In this workshop, Hugo will utilise his signature geometric aesthetic style to guide you on the know-how of making brass plates and flower vessels - simple and linear metal housewares that can be integrated into life and embellish your living space.

In addition to basic metalsmithing skills, you will also be introduced soldering techniques. The workshop will be held at Sunsmith in Causeway Bay.

Howswares I - Plate
The workshop starts with two pieces of brass to create a simple plate. Several basic metalsmithing techniques will be taught, including saw piercing, polishing, forming, and basic soldering. (This workshop is suitable for beginners.)

Howswares II - Vase *
The geometric pieces will be hammered to a specific curve, with calculated angles, and use advanced soldering techniques to assemble the pieces to form a three-dimensional geometrical flower vessel. The workshop requires patience and judgment, and due to the use of industrial flame, safety guidelines must be followed.

Date and Workshop Fee:
How’swares I - Plate (1 section 3 hours)
Oct 8 Saturday 2:00 - 5:00PM
HKD $1200

How’swares II - Vessel * (2 sections 8 hours total)
Section 1: 22 Oct Saturday 2:00 - 6:00PM
Section 2: 29 Oct Saturday 2:00 - 6:00PM
HKD $2800

How’swares (I+II) Combo Price: HKD $3600

*Participants need to attend the first course before enrolling in this second course.