Jewellery Care – Pearls

Why has it turned yellow or even lost its lustre?

Pearls are organic jewellery, the main component of which is calcium carbonate, and the lustre comes from the light reflected and bypassed by the surface layer of real pearl, the thicker the layer of real pearl, the more beautiful the lustre. Because of the organic nature of the pearl, the original moisture is gradually lost and the colour fades over time. In addition to the natural loss of colour over time, improper maintenance can accelerate the ageing of pearls, for example, the pores on the surface of the pearl can easily become stained with dirt, causing the pearl to turn yellow. When the surface of a pearl is abraded or corroded, the light reflected and transmitted by the pearl is diminished, thus affecting its lustre. In order to maintain the lustre of the pearls, the wearer should take care when wearing and cleaning them on a daily basis.

The natural enemy of the pearl

Because pearls are organic jewellery with low chemical stability and low surface hardness, they require extra care than other mineral gems. To know how to care for pearls, it is important to know thier natural enemies.

Natural enemies of pearls include acids, alkalis, chlorine or chemicals such as detergents, perfumes, hairsprays and cosmetics, high temperatures, exposure to the sun, dry or impermeable environments, other hard objects or rough fibres. Now that you know the natural enemies of pearls, you can learn more about how to take good care of your precious pearl jewellery on a daily basis.

Daily Care - Wearing

Incidental wearing of pearl jewellery is a way to maintain pearls, as they need to breathe and absorb water. It is important to avoid direct contact with the skin when wearing pearls, which can stain them with skin oils and sweat, as opposed to silver jewellery.

Wear pearls last, take them off first. Wear your pearls only after you have dressed and perfumed your clothes to avoid rubbing against the rough fibres of your clothing or getting chemicals from your perfume. Likewise, pearls should be taken off first to avoid rubbing against the rough fibres of your clothing. After wearing them, avoid contact with their natural enemies, such as rain, bathing, oil, smoke, sweat and bleach, or contact with other precious metal jewellery or hard objects that could scratch them.

Daily Maintenance - Storage

For everyday storage, pearls should be stored in a cool, airy drawer or suede jewellery box, not in a sealed bag. They should be stored flat rather than hanging to avoid breakage, loosening, or deformation of the strands. Pearls should also be stored separately to avoid contact with other precious metal jewellery or hard objects that could scratch them.

Daily Cleaning - Cleansing and Wiping

The ideal method is to wipe the surface of the pearls gently with a flannel cloth dampened with distilled water or mineral water to remove any dust, grease or dirt. Avoid direct rinsing or soaking with tap water, which not only exposes the surface of the pearls to direct contact with chlorine, but also causes water to accumulate on the strands inside the pearls and form limescale.

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