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18K Gold VS Platinum

If you are confused about which metal to choose for your wedding bands, this sharing can help you clear up.

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Dawn Wedding 2019 Wedding Expo Timetable

Every time you go to wedding expo at the HKCEC in Wanchai, you will find us.

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Dawn Concept Store


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Aftersale Details

[ Available in Chinese only ]

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History of Mokumegane


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Why Does Press Forming Matter?

Rings that look exactly the same can have totally different qualities as a result of different production techniques. Let’s take Niessing as an example to explore the importance of Press Forming in the production process to the overall quality of a ring.

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Order Rings from Niessing Configurator

If you pursue the simplest form of perfection, Niessing’s configurator ring is your best choice.

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The Legendary Tension Ring

If diamond is a symbol of unyielding and everlasting love, there is no better way than the Niessing Tension Ring to express this value.

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Niessing 13 Colours

Do you know wedding rings can come in 13 different colours?

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