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Dawn Wedding represents a new concept that speaks for the original value, quality, and true story behind each product, a value that people have longed for but is ignored by the market. We hope to share our value through craftsmanship, brand history and philosophy with customers who pursue quality products.

Wedding ring is a symbol of marriage and commitment of love. It has deep meaning and can represent your understanding of love, marriage and life. Therefore, the most important factor in finding your love token is not its price or extravagance, but the value it represents, such as patience, strength or concentration, and whether it matches you.

Our team consists of industry experts from different disciplines, and we partner with the world's leading individual designers, independent goldsmith workshops and hundred-year-old brands to provide a global selection of wedding rings, storytelling rings and wedding ring workshop, to show you the purest and most authentic value of each product.

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Dawn Wedding 代表了一種嶄新的概念,是呈現產品的原身價值,質量,以及它背 後的真實故事,這是人們一直渴望但卻被市場忽視的真正價值。我們希望通過工 藝,品牌歷史和理念,與追求優質產品的顧客戶分享我們的價值觀。 結婚戒指是婚姻的象徵和愛的承諾,具有深層意義,它可以代表你們對愛情,婚姻 和生活的理解。因此,在尋找愛情信物時,最重要的因素不是它的價錢還是豪華 感,而是它背後所代表的價值,比如忍耐,堅強或專注,是否與你匹配。

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「翡冷翠」— 佛羅倫斯雕刻工藝

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Treasure from Cosmos

[ Available in Chinese only ]

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