StoryTelling Ring

Everyone is the protagonist of their love story, to share different experiences with a lover and form a unique story. This service allows you to own a pair of wedding rings that is designed based on your unique love story. Whether you two have a special experience, a memorable place, unique nicknames, a vision of the future, or simply a pursuit of special style, we can transform these elements into the design, capturing your unique story and preferences in the rings for a lifetime. Since the design of each ring is inspired by a different love story, rings created under this service are truly exclusive. Read the following examples to learn more, or visit our store to see them in person!

Order Procedure

This bespoke service allows you to put your favorite elements into the ring and participate in the design process. From consultation, design, production to collection, the whole process takes about 6 months.

Our team will listen to your story and preferences. Then, our designer will prepare drafts to you according to the discussion.

Customers are required to check the design drafts at our shop in person. Upon confirmation, production will take place. Generally, it takes about 3 months to produce but the exact time required depends on the style.

Customers need to collect the rings from our shop in person. A design certificate will be offered as gift.

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