Tailor-made Wedding Bands

How long does it take from ordering to collection?

Tailor-made wedding rings take around 2 to 3 months to produce while the actual time required depends on complexity of the selected style. When you place an order, we shall confirm the delivery time with you. We also offer express order service, please contact our staff for details.

Can I add diamonds or change band width of the selected style?

Yes, when you have selected a style from our range of wedding rings, diamonds can be added and band width can be adjusted according to your wish. In addition, you can also change the metal colour and the surface polishing. Make an appointment to meet with us and see how other options can make a difference!

Bespoke Rings

Will there be a charge for consultation?

Our consultation service is free of charge. Fees will only be charged when you place an order. Payment is to be made in 3 installments. Please check with us for details.

I already have a design. Can it be made for me?

Our bespoke wedding rings are created through consultation between our designer and customers, so each pair tells their story and preferences. If you already have a design concept in mind, please share with us and let’s discuss how to integrate your ideas into your design and create a unique wedding ring!

Can I choose to use other gemstones apart from white diamond?

Yes, Dawn is an all-rounded jewellery brand, our jewelleries are made with a variety of gemstones, hence there are other choices we can provide, such as colour diamonds, ruby, blue sapphire, emerald, jade, etc. Make an appointment to meet with us and discuss the options that work best for you!


How long is the wedding ring workshop?

The wedding ring workshop is divided into three sections, the first being theory and design class which lasts about 1 hour; Section 2 and 3 are production classes, each takes about 3 hours, which sum up to a total of 7 hours. When the rings are completed, you can design where the diamonds go on your band. Stone setting will be taken care by experienced craftsman which takes about 4 weeks. Please come to discuss the most suitable arrangement for you!

Can we make our own rings without any prior experience?

Yes, you do not need any special skills or experience to make a wedding ring. Our professional instructor will guide you all the way to make sure you understand and master each step until it is complete. In addition, our workshop is equipped with professional instruments from Europe and America, you do not need to purchase any additional tools.

How many people are accommodated in each lesson?

Our wedding ring workshop is private class, each will only accommodate 2 people, that is, a couple, to ensure you get sufficient personal guidance from our instructor.

When do I need to pay?

Our consultation is free of charge, fees will be charged when you place an order to reserve a class. The full amount will be paid in three installments. Please contact us for details.


Is it necessary to make an appointment?

Although we provide a variety choice of wedding rings at our shop, making an appointment would allow us to understand your preferences in advance, and we can introduce different designs to you with more details during your visit.

What are the differences between 18K gold and platinum?

To learn more about the differences, please read our article on 18K Gold VS Platinum.

What metal can we choose for our wedding rings?

We recommend that you choose 18K white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. For the difference between 18K gold and platinum, please read our 18K gold VS platinum article.

What is 4C?

4C refers to the diamond cutting, colour, clarity and carat, which is an index to determine the quality and value of a diamond.

What is included in the after-sales service?

We provide size alternation or re-polishing service for each ring purchased at Dawn Wedding (please note that size alternation is not possible on some designs due to style restrictions. Please contact us for details.). You can also enjoy ultrasonic cleaning services at our shop for unlimited times. It can remove dullness and dirt accumulated on metal. Additional services, such as re-polishing, re-grinding, and removing scratches on rings, will be charged.

Maintenance does not include any loss or wear or tear of diamonds caused by artificial, accidental, negligent damage or misuse. If the ring is repaired or modified by a company other than Dawn Wedding, the warranty will automatically expire.

How to care for our wedding rings?

You could wash your ring in warm water diluted with mild detergent or polish it with special metal cloth. For details, please read our article on how to care for your ring.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or credit card payments, including Visa, Master, AMEX and UnionPay.

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