The Pursue of Simplicity

Simple Yet Elegant

Every ring by Leen is nothing more than one or two simple twists, yet the flow is so smooth and natural, just like the folds of real silk. It is a work of fine craftsmanship, the rings are bent carefully and precisely by Leen himself, making sure every ring twists in the exact shape. You can choose rings of a simple twist made of 18k gold or platinum, and you may add a piece of diamond to bring out the brightness, a truly simplistic yet elegant choice of wedding band.


Leen-ring-Twist-01|Dawn 良晨
Leen-ring-DTwist-04|Dawn 良晨
Diamond Twist
Leen-ring-2Twist-01|Dawn 良晨
Double Twist
leen-ring-20m-1|Dawn 良晨
leen-ring-eye|Dawn 良晨
leen-ring-12twists-1|Dawn 良晨

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