The Legacy of the Renaissance by the family of Meini

Artisan of Florentine Handicraft

Florentine Handicraft is a traditional crafting style that can be dated back to the Renaissance in Italy. The crafting style is distinctive in the fine details and impeccable crafting skills. The art has been preserved throughout the years under several artisan guilds, and to be entitled authentic Florentine Handicraft is a great challenge that cannot be achieved without years of experience. Meini is not a scalable workshop, instead, Cesare Meini works on every piece of jewellery hand by hand. The engraving and fine texture of Meini’s jewellery is a legacy of the centuries-old tradition, now possessable in your hands.


Meini-ring-A-01|Dawn 良晨
Silk Engraving
Meini-ring-B-01|Dawn 良晨
Silk Engraving
Meini-ring-C-01|Dawn 良晨
Silk Engraving
Meini-ring-D-01|Dawn 良晨
Silk Engraving

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