Rudi Sand

Fine Silk-like Texture

Pure and Natural

From years of experience in jewellery making, German goldsmith Rudi Sand has perfected the art of folding precious metals. The rings are like silk and cloth in a natural flow, and the earrings are like the flower petals of hydrangeas. He only uses 22k gold and platinum, ensuring the jewellery items are made of high purity metals as well as durable at the same time. Every handcrafted piece by Rudi is a masterpiece of art, an extraordinary choice for your wedding band.


Rudi-ring-PT-01|Dawn 良晨
Rudi-ring-Gold-03|Dawn 良晨
Rudi-ring-PT-2.0|Dawn 良晨
Rudi-ring-Gold-2.1|Dawn 良晨
Fold-2 Gold
Rudi-ring-Gold-PT-1|Dawn 良晨
Fold - Gold & PT

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