We provide professional goldsmith guidance to allow you to design and make each other’s wedding rings in our in-store workshop and enjoy a unique and romantic experience with your lover. Making your wedding rings does not require experience or special skills. Our workshop is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment, mainly imported from Europe and the United States, to ensure professional precision. Handmade styles are mostly classic and simple. 18K gold will be used as the forming material. When the ring is completed, you have the choice to pass it to our experienced craftsman to set diamonds or go through professional polishing. Please make an appointment to meet with us, or come to our shop to feel the atmosphere of our workshop!

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The workshop involves basic design, hand-making, welding, grinding and polishing, a total of about 7 hours, which is divided into two to three sessions. The whole process will be led by our professional instructor to ensure safety and quality of your wedding rings.

Learn about safety codes, properties of metals and how to use jewellery tools, follow by discussions with instructor to determine the design of your rings. This session will take about 1 hour.

This session focuses on metal forming, which includes annealing, drawing gold wires, shaping, etc.. It will take about 3 hours.

The focus of this session is surface treatment, which includes welding, grinding, polishing, texturizing and hand-engraving. It will take about 3 hours. If the design involves diamond-setting or professional polishing, it will be handled by professional craftsman.

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