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0.38ct Kite Step Cut Natural Diamond Earrings

Sale price$17,300.00
  • PT950 Platinum
  • 0.38ct Kite Step Cut Natural Diamond

Introducing the stunning 0.38ct Kite Step Cut Diamond Earrings, exquisitely crafted in PT950 Platinum. These contemporary earrings showcase a total of 0.38ct step cut diamonds, featuring the unique Kite Step Cut with its bold geometric facets and captivating visual appeal.

The Kite Step Cut is a fancy diamond cut that consists of four-sided facets arranged in rows like 'steps', drawing attention to the diamond's clarity and offering a mesmerizing, refined sparkle.

A superb choice for those seeking a modern and luxurious statement, these earrings are perfect for special occasions, stylish events, or as a meaningful gift.

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This item is a one-off. It is displayed in our shop at Mira Place.