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0.43ct Pear Brilliant Cut Natural Diamond Ring

Sale price$23,400.00
  • 0.43ct D I1 Pear Brilliant Cut Natural Diamond GIA 6445773409
  • 0.14ct Side Diamond
  • PT950 Platinum Ring
  • Ring Size (EU): #52

This exquisite 0.43ct D I1 Pear Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is set in a vintage-inspired 18K platinum band, featuring the delicate hand-crafted millgrain technique. It's the perfect anniversary gift to captivate and impress your partner.

The Pear Brilliant Cut is a unique hybrid of the Round Brilliant Cut and Marquise Cut, resulting in a teardrop shape with a single point at one end and a rounded curve at the other. This graceful cut maximizes the brilliance and fire of the diamond, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a distinctive yet timeless design.

Millgrain is a goldsmith technique that emerged in the early 20th century (Art Deco period), often described as "tiny dots" usually set along the edges of jewelry. Millgrain adds a vintage vibe to the jewelry piece.

Celebrate your love and devotion with this enchanting engagement ring that showcases timeless elegance.

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