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1.21ct & 1.02ct Fancy Brown-Yellow Natural Diamond Earrings

Sale price$122,330.00
  • AU750 Champagne Gold
  • Modified Shield Cut

1st piece:

  • 1.21ct Fancy Brown-Yellow Natural Diamond
  • GIA 2221425840

2nd piece:

  • 1.02ct Fancy Brown-Yellow Natural Diamond
  • GIA 2223425824

Introducing the Sunsmith Earrings, an exquisite pair that artfully combines a distinctive design with the rare allure of Fancy Brown-Yellow Natural Diamonds. These earrings are expertly crafted in AU750 Champagne Gold, a luxurious choice that enhances the warm tones of the brown-yellow diamonds.

At the heart of these earrings are two stunning Modified Shield Cut diamonds, showcasing a unique and eye-catching shape. The larger diamond weighs 1.21ct, while its counterpart weighs 1.02ct. Both diamonds are certified by GIA, a testament to their quality and rarity. Complemented by 0.84ct of sparkling white diamonds, these Fancy Brown-Yellow diamonds create an extraordinary visual impact that sets these earrings apart.

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This item is a one-off. It is displayed in our shop at Mira Place.