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The exhibition “Hundred Tins in Unison” consists of 3 main topics – first being the “Hun- dred Tinware” which brings together a hundred pieces of tinware from China, Japan and Europe, to tell the story of the material tin, its different forms and craftsmanship. Second is the “Hundred Craftsmen Work” which takes the spotlight to the “Wall of Tinware” that displays a hundred of products made by the participants of the tinware workshop took place last year. Last but not least is the “Rise of Sunsmith” where Dawn’s in-house workshop “Sunsmith” debuts its collection of handmade tinware to the public, reinterprets the definition of made in Hong Kong.

Over a hundred pieces of tinware travel from the past and afar to the exhibition here, every piece has a story to tell and its beauty to show. Through gathering these tin pieces from renowned masters and crafts lovers, we hope every one of you will learn more about the role tin plays throughout history and the development of craftsmanship in Hong Kong today.