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Diamond Twist

Double Twist




Simple Yet Elegant


Every ring by Leen is nothing more than one or two simple twists, yet the flow is so smooth and natural, just like the folds of real silk. It is a work of fine craftsmanship, the rings are bent carefully and precisely by Leen himself, making sure every ring twists in the exact shape.


Choose rings of a simple twist made of 18k gold or platinum, and you may add a piece of diamond to bring out the brightness, a truly simplistic yet elegant choice of wedding band.

The Story


LEEN HEYNE jewels are a blend of movement and growth, incorporating the complexity of organic forms. The designs, reminiscent of tree roots winding around a rock, are designed with a simple elegance that allows for interpretation and storytelling.

The Craft

The jewels begin with a single strip of precious metal, crafted in Tilburg, Netherlands, using manual dexterity and physical force. The pieces are patterned with ultra-fine lines, resulting from a meticulous sanding process. HEYNE's savoir-faire is rooted in reflecting inner truth and avoiding decoration, ensuring the gold retains a sense of earthiness and authenticity.


Diamonds are introduced during the modeling process, not after. Instead of traditional prongs or settings, they are held in place as if by magic, a technique rooted in the belief that materiality possesses its own language. This technique allows Heyne to embolden and enrich the material in its most evocative form, allowing the beauty of storytelling to unfold in the mind of each wearer.