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There is an increase in individuals seeking to immerse themselves in the artistry of creation, through experiences like jewellery workshops, where they become an intimate part of the making process. Sensing this shift, we poise to channel and elevate this overlooked value, championing a revival of the virtues in true craftsmanship.


Mokume-gane, or wood grain metal, is a metal with wood-like patterns. The value of modern wood grain gold craftsmanship is not just the word "wood grain", but the craftsmanship inherited over hundreds of years. There are not many people who are willing to inherit this craftsmanship, and even fewer go to Japan to be an apprentice. The mokume-gane products made by traditional methods in Japan are especially precious.

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Press Forming Method

Stamping is the method of extruding or cutting the metal by mechanically applying pressure to the metal on the mold. It is the modern mainstream metalwork production and processing technology.

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