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Meteorite Jewellery

Want something refreshing besides platinum and 18k gold?


Martinelis & Co. brings you extraordinary wedding bands made from meteorite, one of the rarest substances you can find on Earth. Meteorites are not typical jewellery-making materials, but Martinelis gives it a fine touch of craftsmanship and adds a layer of gold inside the ring, binding precious gold with the gift from cosmos.


Seymchan, name of the meteorite that was found in Siberia in 1967, had gone through immense pressure and force when entering Earth, still the unique iron crystal pattern is not disrupted, showing the unique metal composite beyond our planet. Now, you can own a piece of treasure travelled from the endless sky, a ring that is blessed by the limitless space.

The Brand


Martinėlis & Co. is a jewelry company that uses meteorites, which are among the oldest and rarest objects on Earth, to create their jewellery collection. The company is an approved member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, ensuring the authenticity of meteorites.


The brand also takes conflict diamonds seriously, avoiding them from their inventory by purchasing only from T.O.C. The Excellent Make, a member of the World Diamond Federation and the Diamond Club Association, and complying with the Kimberley Process.


The company also explores the balance between technology and handcraftsmanship, blending human creativity, artisanship, and high tech to maintain their prestigious personality and style. The fusion of human creativity, artisanship, and high tech is a testament to their commitment to ethical practices.