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August Gerstner BG278August Gerstner BG278
August Gerstner BG278 Sale priceFrom $6,000.00
August Gerstner CA306August Gerstner CA306
August Gerstner CA306 Sale priceFrom $6,415.00
August Gerstner CA302August Gerstner CA302
August Gerstner CA302 Sale priceFrom $5,040.00
August Gerstner CA300August Gerstner CA300
August Gerstner CA300 Sale priceFrom $6,171.00
August Gerstner CA296August Gerstner CA296
August Gerstner CA296 Sale priceFrom $5,667.00
August Gerstner CA201 & CA200August Gerstner CA201 & CA200
August Gerstner CA201 & CA200 Sale priceFrom $6,067.00
August Gerstner CA172August Gerstner CA172
August Gerstner CA172 Sale priceFrom $6,125.00
August Gerstner CA168August Gerstner CA168
August Gerstner CA168 Sale priceFrom $5,339.00
August Gerstner BH978August Gerstner BH978
August Gerstner BH978 Sale priceFrom $8,575.00
August Gerstner BH977August Gerstner BH977
August Gerstner BH977 Sale priceFrom $6,650.00
August Gerstner BH790 (1)August Gerstner BH790 (1)
August Gerstner BH790 (1) Sale priceFrom $6,689.00
August Gerstner BH790 (2)August Gerstner BH790 (2)
August Gerstner BH790 (2) Sale priceFrom $6,689.00

Made in Germany

From Pforzheim, Germany, the Gerstner family has been manufacturing rings for six generations, more than a sesquicentenary. For a company with such a long history, August Gerstner carries the traditional techniques of producing jewellery, and enhances with the most advanced technology and machinery, offering one of the best marriage rings in the market.

The looks and design of the rings may be simple, yet, by using specific techniques, the products are exceptional. Press forming allows the shape to be ever-lasting, enhancing the durability; CNC cutting gives the most accurate cutting, showing perfection in calculation; sintering brings extraordinary patterns and colour combinations to the rings, providing a fruitful appearance.

The hundred years experience, through inspiration and modifications, enables August Gerstner to reach higher and achieve more, and of course, provide the best of the best for enclosing every bit of sweet memories, truly the choice for ‘A Ring for Life’.

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August Gerstner BH790


August Gerstner CA402


The Manufactory

The Story

There is nothing more stable in value in this world than love and family.

Something that fate has shown the Gerstner family again and again in more than 150 years of company history.

Now, the 6th generation of the Gerstner family continues to make history with jewellery and wedding rings.

The Craft

Gerstner gives top priority to the use of innovative technologies in the production area. Highly qualified goldsmiths do the artistic handicraft work which makes every Gerstner ring a precious piece of jewellery.