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Symbol of Eternal Love

The tradition of wearing wedding rings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian period about 3000 BC. People made simple rings with reed or hemp as gifts to each other, and the exchange of rings symbolizes eternal love.

We make use of our expertise to handpick high-quality and comfortable wedding rings among renowned goldsmiths and workshops from all over the world. Each of them records the artisan’s view on marriage.

East-West Encounter


In the crowded city of Tokyo, AbHerï produces finely crafted bridal jewellery. With the concept of striking a balance in every aspect, AbHerï continues the past legacy of traditional handcrafted jewellery, at the same time embracing new challenges and creating the future.

Over 150 Years of Experience

August Gerstner

From Pforzheim, Germany, the Gerstner family has been manufacturing rings for six generations, more than a sesquicentenary. For a company with such a long history, August Gerstner carries the traditional techniques of producing jewellery, and enhances with the most advanced technology and machinery, offering one of the best marriage rings in the market.

Independent Local Goldsmith

Hugo YCF

Hugo is a jewellery designer from Hong Kong who has been active in the field for many years. By fusing geometry into his works, every ring has a perfect balance in the proportion of colours. Each pair of wedding rings can be combined together, forming a pattern that symbolizes the harmonious completion of the wearer.

Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship

Jaume Labro

Craftsmanship is something with a different flavor. In addition to being a technology, it is also a cultural carrier that records history and times. The colorful wood grain gold records Japan's history and the color of the times, and this craft has also experienced many changes in the flow of time.

The Pursuit of Simplicity

Leen Heyne

Every ring by Leen is nothing more than one or two simple twists, yet the flow is so smooth and natural, just like the folds of real silk. It is a work of fine craftsmanship, the rings are bent carefully and precisely by Leen himself, making sure every ring twists in the exact shape.

Spirit of Independent Craftsman

Marion Knorr

Extraordinary design from the hands of Lidwigsburg designer Marion Knorr, every pair of rings has its own narrative. With its own little story, the pair of rings delivers a message of its own. From the clouds above the heavens to the fertile lands of Eden, extending to the limitless ocean or beyond the infinite galaxy; from the vibration and echo of octave to the innermost and the blurred interval between dream and reality, every ring has its own form of language to accompany the wearer’s life.

Treasure from the Cosmos

Martinėlis & Co.

Martinelis & Co. brings you extraordinary wedding bands made from meteorite, one of the rarest substances you can find on Earth. Meteorites are not typical jewellery-making materials, but Martinelis gives it a fine touch of craftsmanship and adds a layer of gold inside the ring, binding precious gold with the gift from cosmos.

Be Inspired

The Legend of German Jewellery Manufacturing


For over 145 years, Niessing has been a leading brand in goldsmithing and representative of high quality jewellery. Throughout the years, Niessing has been changing, improving frequently, and being the inspiring icon in the industry. The comprehensive procedures in production, as well as the wide selection of metal colours and more, all show Niessing’s vast experience in goldsmithing and the deliberate attitude in pursuing perfection.



Named after Paradises in Greek, the brandname has a connotation of hanging garden, paradise or heaven – an enchanting place of colours, beauty, hopes, dreams and inspirations. We aspire to introduce the underlying beauty of the undervalued gemstones to a wider audience through our creations.

French Romance in German Jewellery

Petra Dömling

Based in Paris, originated from Wurzburg, renowned German jewellery designer Petra Dömling expertizes in bijou jewellery. Petra makes this delicate and decorative French style jewellery into an elegant jewellery that fits into any occasions. She extends her field to wedding rings, bringing her notion of French romance to your oath of lifetime.

Fine Silk-like Texture

Rudi Sand

From years of experience in jewellery making, German goldsmith Rudi Sand has perfected the art of folding precious metals. The rings are like silk and cloth in a natural flow, and the earrings are like the flower petals of hydrangeas. He only uses 22k gold and platinum, ensuring the jewellery items are made of high purity metals as well as durable at the same time. Every handcrafted piece by Rudi is a masterpiece of art, an extraordinary choice for your wedding band.

The Legacy of the Renaissance

Seta by Meini

Florentine Handicraft is a traditional crafting style that can be dated back to the Renaissance in Italy. The crafting style is distinctive in the fine details and impeccable crafting skills. The art has been preserved throughout the years under several artisan guilds, and to be entitled authentic Florentine Handicraft is a great challenge that cannot be achieved without years of experience.

Blend of Japanese and Contemporary


The independent Japanese artisan jewellery brand – Shinkai, presents a simple yet elegant style with a blend of Japanese and contemporary elements in each piece, combining great skill and unique aesthetics. The delicate craftsmanship of goldsmith warms our hearts.

Creative Goldsmithing with Traditional Essence


As a youthful brand, Sunsmith is passionate for exquisite craftsmanship with uncompromising quality. They have been redefining "Made in Hong Kong" by combining a hundred different techniques and introducing advanced equipment from around the world.

Taiwanese Craftsmanship


Jewellery designer Teddy Tseng founded T&C in the mind of bringing together talented goldsmiths in Taiwan, creating fine, twinkling rings that can light up your mind. There is no fixed style or so called ‘classic series’ in T&C, every ring has its own unique signature.

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The tradition of wearing wedding rings can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian period about 3000 BC. People made simple rings with reed or hemp as gifts to each other, and the exchange of rings symbolizes eternal love...

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