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Shinkai GrosgrainShinkai Grosgrain
Shinkai Grosgrain Sale priceFrom $7,100.00
Shinkai TwistShinkai Twist
Shinkai Twist Sale priceFrom $6,200.00
Shinkai SnowShinkai Snow
Shinkai Snow Sale priceFrom $13,200.00
Shinkai LuciaShinkai Lucia
Shinkai Lucia Sale priceFrom $10,300.00
Shinkai LaurelShinkai Laurel
Shinkai Laurel Sale priceFrom $8,900.00
Shinkai CombinationShinkai Combination
Shinkai Combination Sale priceFrom $11,500.00
Shinkai SilkyShinkai Silky
Shinkai Silky Sale priceFrom $6,800.00

Delicate Craftsmanship


The independent Japanese artisan jewellery brand – Shinkai, presents a simple yet elegant style with a blend of Japanese and contemporary elements in each piece, combining great skill and unique aesthetics. The delicate craftsmanship of goldsmith warms our hearts.


“Shinkai’, meaning ‘deep ocean’ in Japanese, symbolises the value and beauty of the jewellery and reflects the brand’s pursuit of the ultimate in materials and craftsmanship. Inspired by nature, Shinkai jewellery’s design, form, shape, and textures all reflect the power and beauty of nature. The wedding band is hand-engraved by chiseling technique, to create a subtle and gentle texture, giving the ring delicate details and warmth.

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Shinkai Laurel


Shinkai Combination


The Story


Born in 1976, designer and goldsmith Mizuki SHINKAI began metal engravings since 18 years old.

After training at a professional jewelry school, Mizuki has been involved in the creation and design of various large Japanese jewelry brands as a subcontractor.


When he had a child, he started to think that his child to see many beautiful things and grow up to be a person with high sensitivity.

He was inspired to create his brand for his kids, showing beautiful things with his highly refined technique and aesthetic sense.

That is how he decided to start this brand.


Shinkai wants the wearer to be able to relate to the highly skilled metalcraft technique, while also giving careful thought to the unique materials used.

By being both the designer and the craftsman, each jewellery made has its own unique and distinctive style all on its own.