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AbHeri BR724A & AL1421AAbHeri BR724A & AL1421A
AbHeri BR724A & AL1421A Sale priceFrom $12,250.00
AbHeri BR724A & BR724DAbHeri BR724A & BR724D
AbHeri BR724A & BR724D Sale priceFrom $12,250.00
AbHeri BR724A & AL1419AAbHeri BR724A & AL1419A
AbHeri BR724A & AL1419A Sale priceFrom $12,250.00
AbHeri BR710AbHeri BR710
AbHeri BR710 Sale priceFrom $9,800.00
AbHeri AL1464 & AL1465AbHeri AL1464 & AL1465
AbHeri AL1464 & AL1465 Sale priceFrom $19,110.00
AbHeri BR721AbHeri BR721
AbHeri BR721 Sale priceFrom $9,800.00
AbHeri BR716 & AL716AbHeri BR716 & AL716
AbHeri BR716 & AL716 Sale priceFrom $12,250.00
AbHeri AL731 & BR731AbHeri AL731 & BR731
AbHeri AL731 & BR731 Sale priceFrom $10,150.00
AbHeri AL711 & BR711AbHeri AL711 & BR711
AbHeri AL711 & BR711 Sale priceFrom $11,900.00
AbHeri BR729AbHeri BR729
AbHeri BR729 Sale priceFrom $12,600.00
AbHeri BR728AbHeri BR728
AbHeri BR728 Sale priceFrom $9,450.00
AbHeri BR712AbHeri BR712
AbHeri BR712 Sale priceFrom $11,550.00

Japanese Handicraft, Western Style Rings

In the crowded city of Tokyo, AbHerï produces finely crafted bridal jewellery. With the concept of striking a balance in every aspect, AbHerï continues the past legacy of traditional handcrafted jewellery, at the same time embracing new challenges and creating the future.


Using the technique of hand engraving, the traditional Japanese style is fully blended into the Western style fine jewellery. The engraving of the rings joint the two styles perfectly, the mini-graining also transforms the Japanese technique into an inspiring Western design look, giving more volume to the ring and suiting the contemporary aesthetics.


AbHerï would always look for a perfect balance. Through injecting innovations, inspirations, and emotions, the brand refreshes classic designs with a modern touch, or contemporary forms with a scent of tradition. AbHerï creates a feel of Western bridal jewellery, yet, introducing Japanese design elements, making it not a plain design but a clear and in-depth expression.

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AbHerï TK731 & BR731


AbHerï AL1464 & AL1465


The Story


The home of jewelry brand "AbHerï" is located in the east side of Tokyo, Japan.

"AbHerï" is a combination of two Latin words "Ab", meaning-pursuing, and "Heri", meaning-yesteryear, in hope to inherit from the past and take on to new challenges to create a harmonious future".

The Libra (scale) emblem crowned on top of the brand logo signifies a timeline from past to the future. It is also a testimony to the commitment from AbHerï to select the best equilibrium from various options and authentic elements.


As the jewelry is a symbol of emotion, we endeavor to inherit traditions of yesteryear, encapsulate the essence of current age and strive to make your dream of the future.

The creation of “classic pieces in a novel form and modern pieces with a feeling of nostalgia”.

AbHerï is always striving for this kind of balance.


AbHerï may not be a brand with a long history, but the fine craftsmanship has no doubt in proving it is a well-decorated and well-deserved brand. The high concentration and awareness on fine details shows the extra and delicate care by the skillful Japanese artisans.


The preciousness of antique jewellery is carried on by AbHerï through the pursuit of fine details. Whether it is the use of ingots, the cut of diamonds or the finish of the ring, or even the treatment of the collet, AbHerï provides the best to offer.