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Contemporary Jewellery Designer

Belinda Chang

Belinda Chang is a contemporary jewellery designer-maker trained in Great Britain. Her career as jeweller began in 2014, marked by the creation of her signature Fruity Pearls Collection. She has had various roles within the Hong Kong jewellery industry, preparing her for the launch of Obellery - Contemporary Jewellery Studio.

German-made Lace Jewellery

Brigitte Adolph

Brigitte Adolph creates pieces that are new and innovative yet are inspired by the past of her homeland. Her work has been honoured with national and international awards. Lace Jewellery by Brigitte Adolph is sold by over 100 jewellers, galleries and shops in Europe, North America and Asia.

Treasure from the Seas

Milu Pearl

Nacreous pearl as dew luster in the dawn, bringing you senses of mellow and elegance.

French Romance in German Jewellery

Petra Dömling

Based in Paris, originated from Wurzburg, renowned German jewellery designer Petra Dömling expertizes in bijou jewellery. Petra makes this delicate and decorative French style jewellery into an elegant jewellery that fits into any occasions. She extends her field to wedding rings, bringing her notion of French romance to your oath of lifetime.