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Hammer Large Oval

Classic Collection

Hammer Mini Bold

Hammer Mini Oval

Classic Collection


Exquisite Techniques

A handcrafted luxury jewellery brand, sharing their unique expertise and stories through each collection.

Distinctive Quality

As a youthful brand, Sunsmith is passionate for exquisite craftsmanship with uncompromising quality. We have been redefining "Made in Hong Kong" by combining a hundred different techniques and introducing advanced equipment from around the world.


Hong Kong is a melting pot of cultures, preserving local culture and embracing overseas cultures to create a Hong Kong culture that is unique in the world. For Sunsmith, "Made in Hong Kong" means more than "products made in Hong Kong", it means "products that embody Hong Kong values."

The Craftsmanship

Sunsmith aligns the best craftsmanship, material and story to create soulful and alluring pieces. An equilibrium where opposing forces or influences are harmoniously balanced.

The Brand

Sunsmith provides a niche range of high quality products with great value and originality. Sharing their concepts through decades of local craftsmanship and rich brand history, each product is handmade by their professional craftsmen, employing traditional techniques passed down over generations.

The Process

The brand focuses on the crafting of metals and diamonds. The process includes Forming, Sintering, Sawing, Filing, Texturising, Engraving, Soldering and then Finishing.

The Details

Executed with meticulous precision and dedication, each delicate piece of jewellery represents their passion in craft, made by true local experts using the best industry machineries.

The Heritage

Looking back into the history of Hong Kong, handcrafted items have been ingrained in the way we live. Before machine industrialisation, we had to rely on metal craftsmen to create our mail boxes to tea cans and road signs.

The name ‘Sunsmith’ preserves this origin
story and heritage that is unique to only to
their brand.