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T&C Tassel Night & Tassel NoonT&C Tassel Night & Tassel Noon
T&C Tassel Night & Tassel Noon Sale priceFrom $10,700.00
T&C Tassel MorningT&C Tassel Morning
T&C Tassel Morning Sale priceFrom $8,510.00
T&C Lava PetiteT&C Lava Petite
T&C Lava Petite Sale priceFrom $8,200.00
T&C Lava Dome & Lava CrownT&C Lava Dome & Lava Crown
T&C Lava Dome & Lava Crown Sale priceFrom $11,600.00
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch DomeT&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Dome
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Dome Sale priceFrom $12,500.00
T&C Lava FlatT&C Lava Flat
T&C Lava Flat Sale priceFrom $15,000.00
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch EternityT&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Eternity
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Eternity Sale priceFrom $11,400.00
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch BrilliantT&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Brilliant
T&C Scratch Flat & Scratch Brilliant Sale priceFrom $10,600.00

Detailed Craftsmanship


Jewellery designer Teddy Tseng founded T&C in the mind of bringing together talented goldsmiths in Taiwan, creating fine, twinkling rings that can light up your mind.


There is no fixed style or so called ‘classic series’ in T&C, every ring has its own unique signature.

The Story


Wedding rings symbolize deep love and commitment. Many individuals want to find a ring that will convey their story. A ring that is unique to them, reflecting their love, experiences, and personal flair.


T&C and their customers share the same purpose. Teddy Tseng, the brand's creative director, holds a master's degree in Metalsmithing & Relative Product from the University of Birmingham, as well as a Gemological Institute of America accreditation from Carlsbad, CA.


Teddy, who has over ten years of experience as a jewelry designer, made his own wedding band to represent his love for his wife and the memories they share. This marked the start of T&C Jewelry's wedding ring service.