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Hugo Yeung TwistingHugo Yeung Twisting
Hugo Yeung Twisting Sale priceFrom $8,900.00
Hugo Yeung TrioconHugo Yeung Triocon
Hugo Yeung Triocon Sale priceFrom $9,800.00
Hugo Yeung ConcaveHugo Yeung Concave
Hugo Yeung Concave Sale priceFrom $9,000.00
Hugo Yeung GridHugo Yeung Grid
Hugo Yeung Grid Sale priceFrom $8,100.00
Hugo Yeung SquareHugo Yeung Square
Hugo Yeung Square Sale priceFrom $10,300.00
Hugo Yeung TrioHugo Yeung Trio
Hugo Yeung Trio Sale priceFrom $9,500.00
Hugo Yeung StrokeHugo Yeung Stroke
Hugo Yeung Stroke Sale priceFrom $7,500.00

Power of Independent

Hugo is a jewellery designer from Hong Kong who has been active in the field for many years. By fusing geometry into his works, every ring has a perfect balance in the proportion of colours. Each pair of wedding rings can be combined together, forming a pattern that symbolizes the harmonious completion of the wearer.

Hugo's work alternates between contemporary studio jewellery and large-scale home and sculptural pieces. He creates structures with a clear aesthetic. His unique interpretation of these artifacts emphasizes the beauty of form, which is achieved through a mathematical procedure and a balance of visual value. The objects' beauty stems from the simplicity of their lines, geometric form, and structure. The overarching goal is to produce a sense of calm and peace.