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Season's Lustre

Team Mr. Lustre has arrived bearing delightful gifts through the grand introduction of Lustre Adamantine's inaugural wedding ring collection named the "LUAD Duet." Additionally, a meticulously handpicked array of loose stones and exquisite jewelry pieces will be unveiled on a weekly basis.

Each selected piece is diligently sourced from locations around the world by our team of highly experienced and independent diamond connoisseurs. We cordially extend an invitation to you to join us in our our live online presentation, where you can witness the beauty of these exquisite gems from the comfort of your own surroundings. Alternatively, for a more intimate encounter, we warmly welcome you to visit our store at Mira Place and immerse yourself in the splendor of these delicate treasures up close.

Dawn Jewellery

We stand to narrate the deep-seated values, impeccable quality, and authentic stories within each piece. With passion, Dawn attends to every nuance of its offerings, from the inspiration and concept to the meticulous process of crafting. Over the span of the past decade, Dawn has woven a tapestry of partnerships with the world’s leading individual designers, artisanal goldsmith ateliers, and venerable brands steeped in centuries of tradition.


We have served as a fine jewellery platform that features a range of exquisite pieces from both local independent designers and international brands, showcasing masterpieces to the public.



Dawn is dedicated to nurturing talent, serving as a crucible for skill development, and providing a wellspring of resources to the industry, ensuring that the flame of craftsmanship is passed on to illuminate the future.