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Brigitte Adolph

Brigitte Adolph from Pforzheim, Germany, creates delicate jewellery inspired by fine embroidery and lace design from different cultures. Her experience in jewellery design allows her to present jewellery made from precious metals as if they are intricate lace knitted by hand.

Lace jewellery by Brigitte Adolph is not only the most fitting accessory for pairing with your wedding gown but also daily wearable for representing your exceptional taste.

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Petra Domling

Studied in Pforzheim, now based in Paris, renowned German jewellery designer Petra Dömling gained numerous awards by creating elegant pieces with a hint of French passion.

Embellished with diamonds and other precious gems, Petra’s bridal jewellery collections are exquisite choices for special occasions and daily fashion pairing. Bijou jewellery of French inspiration and German craftsmanship sings the feminine ode in any occasion.

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Milu Pearl

Nacreous pearl as dew luster in the dawn, bringing you senses of mellow and elegance.

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Belinda Chang

Contemporary Fine Jewellery – Presenting a unique interpretation of floral motifs in a minimalist design aesthetic.

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