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A Metal Maestro's Evolution Symphony

Dawn encountered the remarkable talent of Leen in 2017, marking the inception of his creative journey. From the very beginning, his minimalist creations exuded a distinct personality and an undeniable energy. Often referring to himself as a conductor of metals, Leen's pieces danced to their own rhythm, captivating viewers with their visual allure. Over time, we have witnessed Leen's relentless pursuit of artistic growth, observing his design's progress from modest twists to intricate layers of transformation.

Since 2020, Leen has embarked on an exciting exploration, incorporating an array of antique and uniquely cut diamonds into his repertoire. This infusion has elevated the energy of his creations, akin to a conductor igniting the entire orchestra.

In the past year or two, Leen has embraced unconventional materials like carbon steel and titanium, expanding the possibilities of his metalwork. Notably, his latest creative approach has brought about a remarkable evolution in the metal volume of his pieces. What was once characterized by single lines has transformed into vivid and dynamic forms, adding depth and energy to his art. With a distinctive selection of gemstones including rare jadeite and uniquely shaped, artistically-cut diamonds, Leen masterfully intertwines these elements to compose a symphony of vivacity and resonance.

Join us in this captivating exhibition, where Leen Heyne's Symphony of Evolution will enrapture your senses. Each piece harmonises like musical instruments, playing an enchanting melody of transformed jewellery. Delve into the world of intricate twists, extraordinary gemstones, and impeccable metal craftsmanship—a symphony that echoes with emotions and timeless beauty.

Each of these beautiful diamond rings are fixed in sizes, which allows for no room for resizing. In other words, if these rings fit you, then they might just have been made for you and awaiting your presence. The opportunity to possess Leen Heyne's work does not come often, however, here it is now.

Enter Leen's Symphony

With such a sought-after collection of intricate jewelleries, not everybody has the opportunity to acquire Leen's creations; wealth alone is not enough. These beautifully handcrafted rings shall serve as your appreciation to his present and everlasting future designs. Start your journey today of collecting and beholding the knowledge in Leen's timeless works.


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Come and visit us during this event from 27 April to 26 May 2024 at our Mira location to admire and potentially get your hands on these rare pieces.