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Hand Engraving Experience with GRS system

Co-Hosted by
GRS x Wing Wo Hong x Dawn Jewellery

Dawn is excited to announce a Hand Engraving Experience workshop in collaboration with Wing Wo Hong and GRS. This workshop is designed for jewellers, diamond setters, jewellery enthusiasts and craft lovers who are interested in learning hand engraving using the GRS system. The workshop will be conducted in Dawn Jewellery TST workshop, led by professional engraving instructor from GRS, Mr. Andrew Biggs.

Have a sip tasting of the 3-hour experiential class or immerse yourself further in the art of hand engraving through the 11-hours class!

Hand Engraving Experience I

This introductory workshop allows participants to have hands-on experience on hand engraving using the GRS system, under the guidance of a professional experienced instructor. Through this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn how to use the associated tools and start learning the basics of hand engraving. We hope the participants can enjoy this short yet professional experience, as it is uniquely designed for individual attention in an enjoyable, small-group environment.

Hand Engraving Experience II with Microscope

This 8-hour workshop is designed for participants who have completed the 3-hour introductory workshop. It will allow participants to try using a professional jeweller’s microscope and apply the skills they learned earlier. The training requires a longer period of time to adapt to the skill advancement. The workshop will enable participants to experience the full GRS system and familiarize themselves with both hand and visual memory. The goal is to let participants experience hand engraving techniques under the difference a microscope can make, with the aid of air pump machinery.