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Niessing 13 Colours

Do you know wedding rings can come in 13 different colours? Dawn Wedding partners with Niessing, the renowned German goldsmith brand, to offer 18K gold and platinum wedding rings in 13 different colours. You can adjust the ring profile, width, finishing, diamond usage and setting position to your liking. Ordering a pair of Niessing rings is that simple.

The Ultimate Mastery of Gold Refining

Niessing’s mastery of gold refining is an accumulated experience of over 140 years. Being able to go beyond the ordinary and achieve a series of special colors is the result of the joint efforts of experienced goldsmiths and creative design teams. They have the ultimate pursuit of details and repeatedly experiment with different proportions of palladium, silver, copper and gold. Under the strict control of ratio, temperature and time, the pleasing gold is fused.

Never Fading Colours

Real gold stands the test of fire, it also stands the test of time. Although time can leave its trace with scratches on the gold surface, the colour would remain the same inside out. This is because Niessing’s gold colour is not electroplated, but is made with carefully adjusted proportion of metal. If you cut the ring open, you will find the colour inside is the same as outside. (18K gold refers to the combination of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals such as palladium, silver, copper, etc.)

To Your Liking

If you like a classic ring, you can find the best one in different colours from Niessing. After selecting the colour, you can choose the profile, width, finishing, diamond size, setting method, etc., to design a pair of wedding rings to your liking. Finally, choose the engraving content. The perfect wedding ring is born, just as simple as that.

White Series

White is simple and pure, like a breath of fresh air.

Creamy Series

Something to neutralize the brightness of the white? Go for the creamy series.

Red Series

Blazing red on fire! The red series is definitely a hot choice for today!

Orange Series

These warm colours create a perfect harmony on Asian skin tone.

Yellow & Green

The colour of gold is a timeless classic.

The Unique Aura & Iris

Whether it is the change between green, white and yellow in Iris or red, gray and brown in Aura, gradient colours are always fascinating!


The special latest addition to the colour family, is full of energy.