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The Legendary Tension Ring

Niessing’s legendary Tension ring debuted in the 1970s…

Legend of a border town

In the German town of Vreden, bordering the Netherlands, there is a legendary century-old goldsmith brand, Niessing, whose world-famous Tension Ring (The Niessing Ring®) was created in the 1970s by the founder’s granddaughter Ursula Exner and sculptor Walter Wittek. It was launched in the 80s. Since then, Tension Ring has witnessed many wonderful marriages across the world.

Production Philosophy

Niessing puts great emphasis on the production process. From melting to forging gold, each craftsman makes sure that all metals used must meet their strict testing standards – only the purest raw materials are selected. Different metals are mixed at a high temperature of 1100 °C. The gold bars are uniquely cast, and after repeated manual annealing and quenching, each Niessing metal strip is full of tension and hardness, suitable to use for Tension Ring!

The Setting

Taking the production of HIGHEND as an example, the craftsman compresses the metal strips from different direction for tighter physical structure, and then cut the shape of the ring under computer programming. The gold is then being carefully cut out with two recesses on the top of the ring to prepare for the diamond. Finally, open the tension ring and carefully place the diamond on it. The legendary Tension Ring is securely locked between the ring. Craftsmen will check the tension for each Tension Ring to ensure stability and lastly, engrave a unique serial number.


Among all the NIESSING RING®, HIGHEND is the most powerful one. The design of the ring starts from a solid foundation and extends straight up. Finally, the diamond is raised and the angle is full of confidence and energy. HIGHEND is suitable for free-spirited and intellectual women, with confidence to shine on the world stage. HIGHEND can be set with a 0.18ct to 4.9ct diamond, and is also suitable for special shaped diamonds, such as heart shape, princess cut, etc., which is very flexible.


HEAVEN is a very pleasing style, its smooth lines echo with feminine beauty, elegantly and gently lifting the diamond. The design is simple and direct, without too much decoration. HEAVEN is perfect to wear alone or with wedding ring. It can be set with a diamond from 0.18ct to 1.2ct.


LUCIA is the goddess of light in Latin, giving life to the earth. Its name is the same as the design of the ring, highlighting the radiance of the diamond. The appearance of the ring is like a wave full of energy, and the diamond is lifted to the horizon above the sea. At this moment, light illuminates the earth and shines with full of vitality. LUCIA can be set with a diamond from 1.0ct to 2.5ct, and is also suitable for diamonds in special shape.


As the prototype of NIESSING RING®, ROUND has a unique status in the world of engagement rings. Apart from winning numerous awards, she has been collected by many world-class art galleries and collectors, and is the inspiration for many wedding rings. ROUND is a apparently in round shape, the ultimate simple design is suitable for those who like simple but exquisite style. The thickness of ROUND is equal to the depth of the diamond, so the thickness will increase with the size of the stone. ROUND is especially suitable for small diamonds, which can be set with a 0.07 to 1.7ct diamond.


OVAL and ROUND are NIESSING RING®’s first shapes, emphasizing the minimalist design philosophy. The OVAL design is adjusted for comfort and replaced with an oval profile for added comfort. OVAL is suitable for diamonds from 0.08ct to 0.7ct.


The philosophy of harmonious balance is fully embodied in TAPERED. The ring emphasizes the balance of proportion, the bottom and the middle are made up of the traditional oval profile, and the ring grows from bottom to top. The thickness of the top ring changes with the size of the diamond. TAPERED is suitable for those who are low-profile. The diamond is set between metals with the same thickness, suspending in the middle, close to the skin, and everything is kept at the same level. TAPERED is suitable to set with a diamond sized from 0.18ct to 2.00ct.

Come to feel the charm of Niessing today!

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