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Poet of Love and Life

Extraordinary design from the hands of Lidwigsburg designer Marion Knorr, every pair of rings has its own narrative. With its own little story, the pair of rings delivers a message of its own. From the clouds above the heavens to the fertile lands of Eden, extending to the limitless ocean or beyond the infinite galaxy; from the vibration and echo of octave to the innermost and the blurred interval between dream and reality, every ring has its own form of language to accompany the wearer’s life.

Designed and refined by Marion, the rings have combined different techniques of polishing, creating different forms and textures, presenting both fine craftsmanship and the embracing of nature, illustrating the idea of ‘understanding the whole as part of itself’.

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The Story

The Meaning

UNDERSTANDING THE WHOLE AS PART OF YOURSELF— Marion Knorr has dedicated her entire jewelery collection to this leitmotif. Because the graduate designer and goldsmith does not see jewelery as just a decorative accessory: jewelery is a companion to people – a part of themselves, their expression, their individuality. Therefore, the contents of the piece of jewelry should convey a message.


In line with this philosophy, Marion Knorr transforms lifelike symbols into expressive objects. In her collection, each theme is given a specific design language, the individual jewelry lines stand for themselves and they tell their own story.

The Craft

Each ring is forged by hand in Marion Knorr's studio and is therefore unique, just like the person who wears it. The specialty of her studio is the extraordinary surfaces of the rings: structures! This is how special wedding rings are created for special people.