Cevherun 24K

Turkish Style Pure Gold Jewellery

The Art of the Orient

Cevherun 24k draws inspiration from the ancient city of Istanbul, Turkey, revitalizing elements of traditional pure gold jewellery of the Orient with a touch a modern aesthetics. Pure gold jewellery often gives an impression of being soft, yet the handcrafted jewellery of Cevherun is created using the latest jewellery making techniques, making it harder than before and increasing its durability. Pure gold jewellery is not only a symbol of elegance and luxury, it is now a knot to the historical civilization and modern day fashion.


CR-ring-9001|Dawn 良晨
CR-ring-8992|Dawn 良晨
CR-ring-8979|Dawn 良晨
CR-Ring-8797|Dawn 良晨

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