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Top class craftsmanship and simple design

For over 145 years, Niessing has been a leading brand in goldsmithing which gained different patents and awards with its exceptional technique and design. Niessing engagement ring setting design is simple which directly reflects the beauty of your precious diamond. With the Tension set, the diamond shines even brighter. If you believe that “simple is more”, Niessing is your best choice.

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Renewal of Local Handicrafts

If you pursue high quality local craftsmanship, Local workshop – Sunsmith is your best choice. Hong Kong is home to different award-winning goldsmiths and local experienced masters. The team utilizes equipment from around the world, integrates different techniques, merges western and eastern cultures and infuses warmth to cold metal, to create local craft products.

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Marion Knorr

The ring that tells poems

Marion Knorr combines avant-garde design thinking and traditional metalworking technology, and her unique design has won her international awards from Germany and Japan. She has the title of “Wedding Ring Poet” and makes rings that represent the philosophy of life, such as poems about life and love. Her rings have unique profiles and are very suitable for you who are different from others.

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Jaume Labro

Mokume-gane that resembling natural beauty

Jaume Labro learns from the Japanese national treasure metalworking master, inherits and promotes the ancient and unique metalworking technique – wood grain gold (mokume-gane). He cleverly used wood grain gold of different colors to reappear natural scenery such as ice, volcano, and bamboo forest, such that natural treasures such as wood, gold, and diamonds were perfectly combined. The mokume-gane engagement ring set is like a tree coiled and held high with diamonds, to set off the diamond with the beauty of nature.

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