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Ordering Your Niessing Ring

If you pursue the simplest form of perfection, Niessing’s configurator ring is your best choice. Read the following slides carefully as we walk you through the steps to customize Configurator Ring and points of attention.

Configurator VS Specials

Niessing’s wedding rings can be divided into two categories: 1. “Configurator” and 2. “Specials”. The “Configurator” offers classic and simple wedding rings. Through Niessing online configuring system, you can customize your preferences in six steps. If you prefer a more unique style, “Specials” is a collection of unique wedding rings designed by Niessing throughout years and you may find a special one that matches your own ideas. This article will introduce the steps to customize a ring from the “Configurator”. Our store also carries all the rings from the system, you are welcome to visit us and learn more.

Six Steps Ordering System

With the Niessing’s configuring system, you can design your wedding ring in six steps based on your own preference. When your choices are made, the price will be shown at the bottom of the page. You can save the data and show it to our wedding ring consultant to order the ring. The six steps selection include 1. Profile 2. Width 3. Colour & Combination 4. Polishing 5. Diamond Setting 6. Engraving. If you are unable to select certain options during the process, it is often because of technical limitations, such as diamond size or polishing on certain colours. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to contact our consultants.

1. Profile

Which ring fits your personality? Do you like thick or slim? Round or sharp? Niessing offers six most common ring profiles in the Configurator, including 4 dome shapes: the fullest “Oval”, the middle “Soft Classic”, the slimmest “Navette”, the typical “Classic”; and 2 angular shapes: “Soft Cube” with rounded edge and “Cube” with sharp edge. Among these profiles, except for “Classic”, all of them are designed with comfort wear, which means the inside of the ring is slightly domed for comfort of daily wearing. Apart from the difference in their appearance and feeling to wear, the price for each profile is also different – the thicker it is, the higher its price.

2. Width

Whether you like a slim or thick ring, Niessing’s configurator can help you. The system offers high flexibility to accommodate your preference, starting from 2mm to 10mm, you can choose your favorite width in every 0.5mm. The price for the ring is based on the width of your choice, the narrower the ring, the lower the price. The one thing you need to know is that price is not affected by size of the ring.

3. Colour and Combination

One of Niessing’s biggest selling points is the choice of 13 colours, where you can combine colours to make a two-tone ring. Niessing forms the multi-coloured rings using sintering technology which allows the colours to stay the same forever. In general, the price of each colour varies slightly but for two-tone or gradient colours, the price is the highest among all due to technical reason. Want to learn more about Niessing’s colours? Click on the button below to read our special article.

Niessing 13 Colours

4. Polishing Effect

Different polishing effects can influence the appearance of a ring and highlight the personality of the wearer. Niessing offers 6 polishing effects: Gloss, Satin, Velvet, Nature, Handcraft Gloss and Handcraft Satin. The inside of each ring is gloss by default because it is smoother to wear. Of course, you can also choose other polish to match with the surface texture. Please note that there is limitation on the choice of polish for certain colours, you may run into that during the process.

5. Diamond Setting

Diamond is not only popular with ladies, but it is also a good idea to enhance the look when it comes to wedding ring. Nowadays, it is usual for gentlemen to add a small diamond on their rings. Niessing offers 2 diamond setting methods and 8 diamond combinations to choose from. You may notice the Niessing Pointed Setting is very special, because it is a unique setting technique that is exclusively available to the brand. The four sides around each diamond are punched with holes to hold the diamond tightly and securely, contribute to a seamless finishing touch.

6. Engraving

When life comes to marriage, there must be some words that you want to memorize? Niessing’s customized engraving options can definitely help you. They offer three kinds of engraving technology, which are laser engraving, diamond engraving and hand engraving. The content can be your selected words using the available engraving fonts, your fingerprint or your own handwriting or simple drawing, and of course you can also choose to leave it blank. After completing this step, your favorite Niessing ring will be configured.

Are you ready?

You have probably learned the Niessing Configurator system by now? Click on the link below to start designing your wedding ring now! Upon completion, you can save the data and pass it to the wedding ring consultant at Dawn Wedding. We will arrange production of your ring in Germany and it will be ready for collection in 2-3 months! We also offer express service which allow you to get the ring in 1 month. Questions? Make an appointment today to learn more!

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