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Dawn x Leen Heyne Jadeite Ring

  • AU750 Yellow Gold
  • Green Jadeite
  • One-off item

This is the first jade ring created by Leen Heyne!

Dawn selected several high-quality jadeite stones with different colors and textures and entrusted them to this Dutch artist, who is full of creative energy, allowing him to conduct a contemporary symphony between East and West.

Leen used the most concise design language on this green gemstone: 18K yellow gold wire twists around the jadeite, harmoniously showcasing its subtle texture, traversing the East and West, and reshaping the inherent perception of jade. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as seen in Leen's work.

Note: After thorough understanding and examining of the diamond to accentuate its brilliance, the ring had to be carefully constructed with certain limitations whilst using unique experimental methods. With that said, the ring is a one-off item and cannot be resized, and once bought, it cannot be returned or refunded.

To purchase, you must schedule an appointment with us for an in-person consultation. Click the button below to arrange your visit.

Discover The Collection

Each of these beautiful diamond rings are fixed in sizes, which allows for no room for resizing. In other words, if these rings fit you, then they might just have been made for you and awaiting your presence. The opportunity to possess Leen Heyne's work does not come often, however, here it is now.

Enter Leen's Symphony

With such a sought-after collection of intricate jewelleries, not everybody has the opportunity to acquire Leen's creations; wealth alone is not enough. These beautifully handcrafted rings shall serve as your appreciation to his present, and everlasting future, designs. Start your journey today of collecting and beholding the knowledge in Leen's timeless works.


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Come and visit us during this event from 27 April to 26 May 2024 at our Mira location to admire and potentially get your hands on these rare pieces.